A healthy life should be about enjoying your fitness routine while striving for your personal best. We help you find the extra 10% inside of you, the little bit that cannot be explained but makes the difference.... we call that the 5th Element! 

The 5th Element is achieved through a personalised service with motivated coaches partnering with participants who want effective results. At 5th Element our members are supported in their aims to push themselves to new highs with constant improvement but most importantly, while having fun!

"My philosophy about training is very simple. What ever you do in the gym should improve everything you do out of the gym, whether that be playing with your kids, playing elite sport or playing harder in the boardroom. Do everything to the best of your ability and leave nothing to chance." Chris Dutton, Founder of 5th Element Fitness


We are specialists in boutique functional training. We train the body the way it was designed to move, as a whole unit. You won't see any machines in our studio except those that must be powered by your own sweat and hard work. All our strength and lifting sessions use free weights including barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells. We keep our high intensity conditioning training interesting by constantly changing it and using a variety of boxing and kettlebell techniques, body weight exercises, cardio equipment and many other training aids depending on the needs of the group or individual. 


We make our classes interesting and fun to keep our clients on their toes. Our signature classes are 5th Boxing, 5th FHIT and 5th Lift. Our boxing class is in a circuit format that allows people of any fitness level to participate and progress at their own pace. Our FHIT (functional high intensity training) class is constantly changing and targets functional training with a focus on high intensity and anaerobic conditioning. Our 5th Lift class is purely strength based and designed to give clients the progressive overload training required to see real results. 


Everyone is welcome at 5th Element. We pride ourselves on providing a space that is non-judgemental and inviting. The coaches at 5th Element are approachable, friendly and create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. 5th Element caters for all walks of life and abilities. Anyone who is capable of completing the basic fundamental functional exercises of a squat, hinge, lunge, press and pull can participate. Complete beginners to experienced athletes can join in our classes. Those requiring some technical training or further motivation can enjoy the benefits of personal training. Our members have a real sense of camaraderie and each time you walk into our studio you can feel the contagious positive energy in the room.


Since 2013 we have built valuable partnerships with allied health professionals including physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, chiropractors and podiatrists. Our ability to assist in the reconditioning phase of rehabilitation means our allied health partners can trust their patients are in good hands while following a successful sports injury rehabilitation program with minimal chance of re-injury. Our coaches always focus on form, function and safety and this results in a high level of success during rehabilitation.