Boxing has continued to be the mainstay fitness choice for many people because it rapidly improves cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone in the upper body. Our class combines boxing with functional exercises in a circuit based routine to produce a full body workout unlike anything else. 

5th Boxing class begins with a demonstration and explanation of the circuit followed by a group warm up before participants break into pairs. Each pair completes a 10 round circuit which alternates boxing stations using bags, speed balls and coaches on focus pads with functional movement stations that include cardio machines, dumbbells, kettlebells and body weight exercises. The circuit changes each week to keep things interesting.  Watch out for the surprise rounds added by coaches at any time during the circuit to provide participants with a variety of different challenges. 

5thBoxing class is the perfect starting point for beginners because it allows participants to train at their own pace while being motivated and encouraged by qualified boxing coaches. If you would like to experience the energy, enjoyment and challenge of our 5th Boxing class, sign up for the free trial class.