The perfect class for anyone who enjoys variety, wants to improve their fitness, tone up and have some fun! 

5th FHIT is formatted into short, sharp workouts comprised of high intensity, constantly varied efforts.  The class focusses  on strength and toning, fat burning and cardio vascular fitness using ergo equipment, kettlebells, dumbbells, body weight and gymnastic movements to give you a full body workout that really gets the lungs and muscles burning. 

Like all of our 5th classes we encourage clients to go at their own pace and seek modifications from coaches where necessary. We have a strong emphasis on technique over weight to ensure all clients use good form and move safely. If you would like to improve your technique we highly recommend attending our Kettlebell and Fundamentals workshops to build your movement foundations for the 5th FHIT class.

All levels of ability and fitness are welcome. Book a free trial class today and experience the difference of our qualified and experienced coaches delivering a fun and energetic 5th FHIT class!