A purely weights based class, 5th Lift is designed to increase strength and lean muscle mass with safe lifting techniques.

With a low rep, high weight strength program, you will increase lean muscle mass and power without "getting bulky". Lifting will help prevent injury and strengthen your body so you can complete daily activities and play sports with confidence. By increasing strength and reinforcing good movement patterns you will get more out of your other workouts at 5th Element. 

5th Lift uses free weights with core lifting movements such as the squat, deadlift, clean, bench press, overhead press, pull up, jerk and secondary exercises to round out a balanced workout. We use exercise progressions for novice lifters and endless variations to keep it interesting. All classes follow a lifting program that has been formatted in advance.  

This class is open to all levels of strength and fitness, although we highly recommend our Fundamentals and Learning to Lift workshops or previous lifting experience prior to commencing the Lift class. Those that have completed our Back Health Workshop can progress into the class and anyone who has been lifting in our personal training sessions should be comfortable in making  the transition. If you are unsure or have further questions, please ask one of the 5th coaches.

Feel stronger and get the most out of your training and life with our 5th Lift class. Book in now for an initial free class. You won't regret it!