Duet Personal training

Duet PT is a personal training session with two participants and one trainer. It is very similar in format to our One-on-One personal training but offers you the added opportunity to spend some quality time with a friend, family member or work colleague. The benefit of inspiring each other and achieving something together will improve your friendship and make catching up an even more positive experience.

Other benefits to duet training include being accountable for turning up consistently because your training partner is committed being there at the same time. You will be motivated to push yourself knowing your training partner is improving and reaching goals. They say the family that plays together stays together, and it certainly is the case when you apply this to your training. 

If you are looking to introduce a friend, family member or work colleague to training, these sessions are the perfect way to help them overcome those new training nerves. Our coaches understand the difficulty in starting something new and gyms can be an intimidating environment. At 5th Element Fitness, we work very hard to break down this barrier.

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