5th Element is all about personal attention and our One-on-One personal training is the ultimate way to keep motivated, learn new skills and attain your goals quickly.

Our personal training sessions are tailored to you and your fitness needs. At the beginning participants complete an initial consultation which includes a functional movement screen and goal setting session. Coaches then work out a plan that is realistic and attainable before commencing the personal training sessions. 

Sessions are booked in advance to establish good habits and a routine which will ensure the best possibility for success. We recommend two to three sessions a week for beginners to learn the fundamentals and gain fast results. Over time, personal training can be reduced to one or two sessions per week or transitioned into classes to keep clients motivated and accountable.

5th Element’s One-on-One personal training packages are available  through many different payment options from flexible class packs to weekly direct debits. One-on-One personal training is the perfect way to achieve your health and fitness goals at your own pace.

To get started fill out the initial consultation form and one of our coaches will contact you. Take the plunge, commit to your health and wellbeing and see the difference One-on-One personal training will make to your life!