Our 10 week transformation program will give you the tools to overhaul your nutrition, train consistently and lay foundations for a long term healthy lifestyle. Our 10 week program will help you to be accountable for long term success. If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, gain energy and improve your confidence, this program is for you!

The program includes:

  • Initial no obligation free consultation and Functional Movement Screen 
  • 2 x 30min personal training sessions per week 
  • 2 x nutrition and goal setting consultations with our qualified Nutritionist 
  • Personalised nutrition program with all recipes
  • Personalised exercise program
  • 2 x non-invasive body composition scans
  • MyZone heart rate monitor
  • Unlimited 5th Element Fitness classes

Your journey begins with an initial no obligation free consultation. You will have a friendly chat with one of our qualified coaches to plan your goals and be introduced to the studio.  Your coach will take you through the Functional Movement Screenand thendesign a personalised exercise program for the 10 weeks.

“The FMS is the screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries. It measures seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality in individuals with no current pain or known musculoskeletal injury.

FMS uses objective and validated standards to check the movement baseline and build foundations for lifelong movement success. Certified professionals can discover the best opportunities to improve movement and identify how to train with purpose and precision in order for individuals to achieve their fitness, sports performance or return from injury goals.“ - sourced from www.functionalmovement.com

Do you have injuries or ailments we need to consider? Are you working with an allied health professional that we need to consult? Do you train outside of the studio?  In addition to your two 30 minute One-on-One personal training sessions per week, you have the option to attend any of our signature classes. Everyone is different and your coach will monitor and customise your exercise program throughout the 10 weeks. To keep you motivated during your fitness workouts we include the MyZone heart rate monitor to the Body Transformation 10 week program. This innovative piece of technology will keep you motivated and have you pushing to achieve your daily goals.  

"Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. Myzone delivers a fully connected solution for anyone who wants an accurate (equiv. to an EKG at 99.4%), gamified and motivating wearable experience. Myzone monitors heart rate, calories and times exercising that convert into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness." - sourced from www.myzone.org

Next is a one-on-one discussion with our qualified nutritionist and a non-invasive body scan. Do you have specialist dietary requirements? Perhaps you are allergic to certain foods? Are you time poor and need fast options for food preparation? Our nutritionist will take this into consideration and design a 10 week personalised nutrition program that caters for your specific needs and include all the recipes required for the 10 weeks. Our nutritionist will follow up with you halfway through the program to see how you are tracking and if any changes are required to your nutrition plan. At the conclusion of the 10 weeks a second non-invasive body scan and a final one-on-one consultation with our nutritionist  will confirm the success of all your hard work and set you up for ongoing support into the future.  

"Body composition analysis measures your body and provides a detailed, yet easy to understand report. On your results sheet, you will see how many kilograms of fat and muscle is on your body and where it is located. By monitoring these metrics over time, you can pin point the changes needed in your diet and exercise to achieve your goals." sourced from www.inbody.net.au

To begin your 10 week journey and turn your health and fitness habits into a lifestyle, book in for the free initial consultation. Make the changes you need to your life and start your body transformation today