Get back to a healthy Back

To understand how to improve your back health you must first understand your back, the myths surrounding back pain, the limitations of diagnosis and the steps to rehabilitation.

Ben Mather, former Western Force senior & rehabilitation physiotherapist and owner of Stack Street Physio presents a FREE seminar that will give you a better understanding of your back and how to improve your quality of life.

Following on from the seminar you have the option to participate in our 8 week back health program. These sessions, designed and delivered by Ben and the 5th Element coaches will see you slowly progress through movements to re-train the way your body moves, while strengthening and future proofing your back.

The sessions run with a maximum of 8 participants to give you the personalised attention you require. The workshop will help you regain your quality of life and keep you stronger for longer. For more information and to book in for the next seminar, complete the free consultation form and we will contact you soon.