Back Into Shape with Shape Up! 

Shape Up is a 6 week active program of consistent exercise designed to get you fit, trim and excited. With this 6 week kick starter our aim is to educate you to think about your health and fitness lifestyle for long term success. With the help of qualified nutritionists and accountability using optional body scan measurements and the MyZone heart rate monitor, we have developed a program with proven success. Shape Up has been running at 5th Element Fitness for over 5 years and in this time we have many satisfied clients. Even our founder Chris Dutton took up the challenge of Shape Up and knows the benefits. 

"I can confirm our Shape Up program is a winner for healthy weight loss. In 6 weeks I was able to lose 6 kilos of body fat and put on 5 kilos of lean muscle mass. Most importantly after a period of injury and inactivity the help of a qualified nutrition program had me eating properly and I was made accountable by my body scans at the start and end of the 6 weeks. If you want results, take the challenge of Shape Up. You won't be disappointed." Chris Dutton, Founder of 5th Element Fitness 

We highly recommend the body scan because it provides important health information and combined with the MyZone heart rate monitor is the ultimate way to keep you accountable. Have workout tracking and effort points motivating you through the 6 weeks of unlimited 5th Element signature classes, participants will see and feel the results. All the support provided from our 5th Element team of coaches and nutritionists plus the supportive and fun environment of our 5th Element community makes this the perfect package to get you one step closer to your health and fitness goals.

If you are looking to start for the first time at a gym or you are coming back after a period of inactivity, Shape Up is the ideal short program to get you into shape. Even our most consistent members participate in Shape Up because they enjoy the added motivation and inspiration. Challenge yourself, take the plunge and complete the free consultation to book for our next 6 week Shape Up program